Old News

5 Oct

Some ideas I’ve had sitting in my phone for a long time. Finally decided to type them out and post.

Chicken rainwater bucket – we have a bucket for our chickens with water, which needs to be refilled every couple of days. It would be nice if rainwater would be able to collect in the bucket and provide water for the chickens that way. A quick Google search shows that this already exists.

Bring your own cup café – as a kind of reward for being a regular at a coffee house, or to express a personal statement, you can have them store your own cup and have your coffee served in it when you order. Seems like this is already a thing as well.

Skydive simulator – combining vertical windtunnels and a projection system. Already patented.

Post-it pickup – a post-it the size and shape of a hand which allows you to transfer some information (like a phone number) by high fiving another person. Exists as well, maybe not in skin color.

I’m late to the party here, but I just felt the need to get these out of my phone and onto this page.


The freedoms of…

15 Jul

The freedoms of today are the felonies of tomorrow.


11 Jul

I got this idea sitting in class, when once again the mic cut out and the professor was forced to do it without technical aid.

Sitting half way in the back, I didn’t hear very well – leaning forward, twisting my head and squinting my eyes (as if that would help).

Then I figured, what if you had something like a megaphone, for your ears. Considering putting your hands behind your ear seems to catch the soundwaves better, why not try it with something (possibly a piece of plastic) that makes your ear “bigger”. Eventually this became a kind of headset, for both ears.



– You can hear better

– It partially blocks out the noise from the sides and back

– Different colors to match your outfit


– You look retarded

– It probably doesn’t work as well as you would hope


27 Sep

Phone was in repair, lost my notes. Will post what I can remember.

Edit: Testing android app. Might make updating easier.

Grip Tire

18 Jan

Haven’t posted anything for a while, didn’t have any inspirational or original ideas. The ones I came up with, didn’t even make my sketch book.
And to be honest, I’m not very keen on this one either, but here it goes…

The idea came to me during winter, which is (usually) very short in Belgium.
This year was slightly different, as there was quite an amout of snow (5 inches, whoa!) and it stayed without melting for atleast a couple of weeks.

If I recall correctly, studded tires are only allowed from November until March and have speed limits of 90  (highway) and 60 km/h (regular roads).
With irregular weather like in Belgium it is hard to predict wether you will need them or not. The speed limit is a handicap also.

So to prevent having to switch between tires, or even regular and winter tires. I came up with this idea.

The tire is double layered and has little spikes inbetween the layers.
Increasing the pressure (using a gasgenerator like used for airbags) on the inner tire pushes the spikes through the outer layer, increasing the surface of the tire, providing more grip.

This way it is possible to use one tire set for the entire year, letting the electronics regulate it’s specs, or alter from your dashboard to match weather conditions.

Flash Draw v1.0

18 Sep

My ideas are stacking up and I can’t find the time to write them all down.
I’m actually quite embarassed about sharing some of them, because of how ridiculous they are.

The idea of Flash Draw came to me when I saw an artist on TV making amazing caricatures.
Some people master the skill of projection up to a level I can’t even imagine. I lack this capability.

So I figured: What if?…

… you would flash yourself in the eyes with an image (or shape) to see it appear as red/green flashes you see when blinded by the sun.
(Not sure if that’s just me and my freaky eyes, but when I blink or close my eyes, I see spots in the shape of the sun)

If you would grab a piece of paper and stare at it, you would see the projection of the shape you were flashed with on the sheet.
Making it possible to trace the outlines of that shape onto your piece of paper (as long as the effect lasts..and lasts..and lasts..mmm..häagen-dazs.. Nevermind that last bit)

You may or may not have noticed that when you try to look at the ‘flash spot’, it will move. That is because the flash spot is inside your eyeball.
It is in fact an irritation of your rods and cones on the retina. So moving your eyes, moves the spot.

This ofcourse, isn’t what we need when trying to draw the spot. An easy solution is to draw a small ‘x’ or dot in the middle of the paper and stare at it.

Yes.. My animating skills are that good.. 🙂

Then I thought it might be possible to take this to the next level. Since simply drawing an outline is probably easier when you have the shape underneath your sheet. (But it sure ain’t as much fun!)
What if?…

… we could make some sort of software that would dissasemble the image we want to draw into parts. The outline, the shades, the highlights, maybe even details.
Each bit would then be flashed and drawn until the masterpiece is complete.

I ripped (and modified) this off the Internet. Don’t worry, I’m not a John Travolta fan nor admiring my ‘order in the mail’ Russian wife. The tulip is nice though.


– Easy projection with correct proportions.
– Great to use when you cannot put the image underneath your paper. For example when painting on a wall.
– You get to see flashy colors.


– Potential blindness.
– The level of detail and accuracy is rather low.
– After writing this whole thing I just realised that there are things called ‘projectors’.

In the end, this is not about making this come to life. Just throwing my ideas out there. Because I think this might be more fun then regular tricks or lame projectors…

Quote #001

18 Sep

“If the furthest you can travel on Earth is 20.000 km, why do our odometers go far beyond ?”


22 Aug

I’ve had this idea when I was on vacation in Turkey.

The pool used salty water and I realised how easy it was to lift yourself off the edge of the pool.
Then I started thinking about how a water beam could lift you up even more (same system as in a jacuzzi).

Along the edge of the pool these jets are installed on the bottom of the pool.
The jet is activated by placing two hands on the edge (when pushing yourself up), which is made of a touch sensitive material.

– It’s even easier to get out of the pool quickly (for kids, older people).
– Your friends will worship you.

-The price of such installation isn’t balanced with the value of this ‘gadget’.
-A couple of pool steps or a ladder do the same thing and are alot cheaper.

Hello world!

21 Aug

A new blog. No promises about keeping it alive this time.
But the voice in my head says this time might work.

The voice – keeps me company and corrects my own mindflow. Together we are strong.

Tomorrow I will start organizing this blog, making it a better place.
For now, I will shortly introduce myself and explain the reason why I created yet another blog.

My real name is Artem (17) and I live in Belgium. The rest is rather boring.

My goal for this blog will be to write down my ideas. Most of them shouldn’t leave my head, but some are worth to cherish.
Often I come up with “witty” quotes, little poems or unrealistic inventions.

The dream for what this blog should become surpasses reality only in my imagination.

Let’s see where this takes me.