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22 Aug

I’ve had this idea when I was on vacation in Turkey.

The pool used salty water and I realised how easy it was to lift yourself off the edge of the pool.
Then I started thinking about how a water beam could lift you up even more (same system as in a jacuzzi).

Along the edge of the pool these jets are installed on the bottom of the pool.
The jet is activated by placing two hands on the edge (when pushing yourself up), which is made of a touch sensitive material.

– It’s even easier to get out of the pool quickly (for kids, older people).
– Your friends will worship you.

-The price of such installation isn’t balanced with the value of this ‘gadget’.
-A couple of pool steps or a ladder do the same thing and are alot cheaper.

Hello world!

21 Aug

A new blog. No promises about keeping it alive this time.
But the voice in my head says this time might work.

The voice – keeps me company and corrects my own mindflow. Together we are strong.

Tomorrow I will start organizing this blog, making it a better place.
For now, I will shortly introduce myself and explain the reason why I created yet another blog.

My real name is Artem (17) and I live in Belgium. The rest is rather boring.

My goal for this blog will be to write down my ideas. Most of them shouldn’t leave my head, but some are worth to cherish.
Often I come up with “witty” quotes, little poems or unrealistic inventions.

The dream for what this blog should become surpasses reality only in my imagination.

Let’s see where this takes me.