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Flash Draw v1.0

18 Sep

My ideas are stacking up and I can’t find the time to write them all down.
I’m actually quite embarassed about sharing some of them, because of how ridiculous they are.

The idea of Flash Draw came to me when I saw an artist on TV making amazing caricatures.
Some people master the skill of projection up to a level I can’t even imagine. I lack this capability.

So I figured: What if?…

… you would flash yourself in the eyes with an image (or shape) to see it appear as red/green flashes you see when blinded by the sun.
(Not sure if that’s just me and my freaky eyes, but when I blink or close my eyes, I see spots in the shape of the sun)

If you would grab a piece of paper and stare at it, you would see the projection of the shape you were flashed with on the sheet.
Making it possible to trace the outlines of that shape onto your piece of paper (as long as the effect lasts..and lasts..and lasts..mmm..häagen-dazs.. Nevermind that last bit)

You may or may not have noticed that when you try to look at the ‘flash spot’, it will move. That is because the flash spot is inside your eyeball.
It is in fact an irritation of your rods and cones on the retina. So moving your eyes, moves the spot.

This ofcourse, isn’t what we need when trying to draw the spot. An easy solution is to draw a small ‘x’ or dot in the middle of the paper and stare at it.

Yes.. My animating skills are that good.. 🙂

Then I thought it might be possible to take this to the next level. Since simply drawing an outline is probably easier when you have the shape underneath your sheet. (But it sure ain’t as much fun!)
What if?…

… we could make some sort of software that would dissasemble the image we want to draw into parts. The outline, the shades, the highlights, maybe even details.
Each bit would then be flashed and drawn until the masterpiece is complete.

I ripped (and modified) this off the Internet. Don’t worry, I’m not a John Travolta fan nor admiring my ‘order in the mail’ Russian wife. The tulip is nice though.


– Easy projection with correct proportions.
– Great to use when you cannot put the image underneath your paper. For example when painting on a wall.
– You get to see flashy colors.


– Potential blindness.
– The level of detail and accuracy is rather low.
– After writing this whole thing I just realised that there are things called ‘projectors’.

In the end, this is not about making this come to life. Just throwing my ideas out there. Because I think this might be more fun then regular tricks or lame projectors…

Quote #001

18 Sep

“If the furthest you can travel on Earth is 20.000 km, why do our odometers go far beyond ?”