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Grip Tire

18 Jan

Haven’t posted anything for a while, didn’t have any inspirational or original ideas. The ones I came up with, didn’t even make my sketch book.
And to be honest, I’m not very keen on this one either, but here it goes…

The idea came to me during winter, which is (usually) very short in Belgium.
This year was slightly different, as there was quite an amout of snow (5 inches, whoa!) and it stayed without melting for atleast a couple of weeks.

If I recall correctly, studded tires are only allowed from November until March and have speed limits of 90  (highway) and 60 km/h (regular roads).
With irregular weather like in Belgium it is hard to predict wether you will need them or not. The speed limit is a handicap also.

So to prevent having to switch between tires, or even regular and winter tires. I came up with this idea.

The tire is double layered and has little spikes inbetween the layers.
Increasing the pressure (using a gasgenerator like used for airbags) on the inner tire pushes the spikes through the outer layer, increasing the surface of the tire, providing more grip.

This way it is possible to use one tire set for the entire year, letting the electronics regulate it’s specs, or alter from your dashboard to match weather conditions.