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The freedoms of…

15 Jul

The freedoms of today are the felonies of tomorrow.


11 Jul

I got this idea sitting in class, when once again the mic cut out and the professor was forced to do it without technical aid.

Sitting half way in the back, I didn’t hear very well – leaning forward, twisting my head and squinting my eyes (as if that would help).

Then I figured, what if you had something like a megaphone, for your ears. Considering putting your hands behind your ear seems to catch the soundwaves better, why not try it with something (possibly a piece of plastic) that makes your ear “bigger”. Eventually this became a kind of headset, for both ears.



– You can hear better

– It partially blocks out the noise from the sides and back

– Different colors to match your outfit


– You look retarded

– It probably doesn’t work as well as you would hope