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Old News

5 Oct

Some ideas I’ve had sitting in my phone for a long time. Finally decided to type them out and post.

Chicken rainwater bucket – we have a bucket for our chickens with water, which needs to be refilled every couple of days. It would be nice if rainwater would be able to collect in the bucket and provide water for the chickens that way. A quick Google search shows that this already exists.

Bring your own cup cafĂ© – as a kind of reward for being a regular at a coffee house, or to express a personal statement, you can have them store your own cup and have your coffee served in it when you order. Seems like this is already a thing as well.

Skydive simulator – combining vertical windtunnels and a projection system. Already patented.

Post-it pickup – a post-it the size and shape of a hand which allows you to transfer some information (like a phone number) by high fiving another person. Exists as well, maybe not in skin color.

I’m late to the party here, but I just felt the need to get these out of my phone and onto this page.